Sorry for the missed few days! 

Christmas eve and Christmas were great! We went into Cuenca and saw the end of the parade, met up with Jenny (the PhD student I was originally suposed to work with), went to Anusha’s collaberator’s family’s home for dinner (awesome people) and them went out dancing (yeah i actually danced can you believe it?) and drinking that night. On Christmas day we went to lunch at the family of Vero, Anusha’s friend who studies herpetology at the university (she already has descovered a new species of glass frog and helped with 5ish other similar discoveries). They were awesome and 5! generations were present! The great great grandmother swore she knew me from San Francisco haha (she was a bit crazy but so nice and cute). 

The next day we were back in La Paz and netting and running physiology experiments again.

Cuca had 7 tiny puppies!! And another sheep gave birth. 

Julisa had to leave for home early a couple of days ago, so now it is just Anusha and I until her boyfriend gets here tonight and we meet up with Anita (another field assistant) at her family’s home for dinner. 

We are now in Quito for New Years after a long night bus filled with crying babies. I plan to explore/wander the city and find a rock climbing gym over the next few days, and of course party!! 

We return to La Paz on the morning of the 2nd with Anita  and we’ll be back to finishing up the experiments. 

Hope everyone had a great Christmas! Happy New Year! 



Day 2

 Made it to the field station, and met Anusha, Julisa, Doña Rosa, and 2 baby 2 lambs! (That one^ born a few days ago). Also theres a flock of alpaca, sheep, geese, chickens, 5 dogs (one pregnant), and a guinea pig coup (yes, for livestock).

I did my first behavior point-sect and saw a few hbs and awesome turquoise  colored jay (i forget the spp name). 

We’ll mist net later and hopefully catch some hbs so we can run respirometer tests to measure their energy expenditure during the day and whether they go into torper at night. 

Thursday we will be going to Cuenca for the Christmas parade and festivites, and then I may go to Quito for New Years (or go camping)

Finally on my way to South America!
I stop in Panama before I get to Guayaquil, and then its on to Cuenca by bus. I get to the field station outside of Cuenca on Tuesday. 

A pretty loose schedule of my next 2ish months: 

I’m going to help Anusha, a Stony Brook PhD ecology candidate, with her research on hummingbird physiology. So I’ll be in Cuenca area until January 10thish. Then its on to the Cordierra Blanca in Peru (Alpamayo circuit). Ill trek for a few weeks and eventually get down to Lima by the end of February. If I have time Ill go to Cusco and maybe do Machu Pichu or another less touristy hike. Then Ill fly home to New York in early March! 

I’ll trry to keep this site updated with pictures every few days but sorry in advance if I’m slacking.