Feb 9-10: Zamora Ecuador to Mancora Peru

I made it to peru finally!

Well the border crossing was as expected extremely confusing! I got a bus to loja in te morning, chilled the whole day till 10 pm for a bus to Huaquillas, a boarder town on the Ecuador side. When we got to Huquillas, it was 330 am and there was only I and another man on the bus still. The bus driver just stopped on some random street and said he wouldnt go any further. I was expexting there to be sooome sort of bus station, but nope, so I walked towards the boarder, couldnt find an immigration booth, crossed over a bridge, and asked a Peruvian police man what to do. He told me I had to go to the actual boarder crossing, a bit away by taxi. So I went back to Ecuador, got a taxi, and went to the crossing. I was assuming that I needed to first go to the ecuador booth to get my exit stamp, then the peruvian one to get my entry stamp. So I told the guy to stop at the Ecuadorian one, where the guy told me, nope, that one is just for entry into Ecuador. So I went to the peruvian one and got my passport stamped (the Ecuadorian guy was a jerk because I woke him up from a nap haha). Yay finally I was officially in Peru! Now how do I get anywhere? I got a taxi and got him to take me to Tumbes, the nearest town, where I thought there would be a proper bus station (because he told me there was one). Nope! Just a street with a bunch of 10 seater vans with a bunch of guys screaming “Mancora!” Or “Pirua!”. The taxi driver dropped me at the mancora van and I got my bag and myself loaded onto the cramped van with 6 other people in it already. By the looks of their faces I could tell something was up. They had been waiting for atleast an hour for the driver to leave because he wanted it to be a full van. After 20 or so minutes, four of the people ran out urgently and down the street trying to catch another van that had just left for Mancora. I tried to follow but my bag was on top of the van. So the three of us left waited longer. Until finally the van was full of 9 people plus the driver and a crap ton of fruits that some guys were transporting. We were on our way about an hour (out of the 2ish hour drive down the coast) when all if a sudden the whole van started shaking along with a terrible bumping/scraping noise. Flat tire! Actually not a flat tire, a stripped tire. Somehow (I couldn’t even think of what would have done that on such a flat, paved road) the outside of the tire just peeled away. After another half hour of the driver rushing to replace the tire, and then trying to fit the warped one back on the car (eventually he just shoved it into the barely existent trunk), we were on our way to Mancora again!
I made it to Mancora! When I got here i just wandered around until I got a hostel and then passed out till 4! Then I got some food at some beach restaurant and chatted with some random dudes. Then I went for a walk on the beach and ran into some super random people. I hung out with Mark and Tabita for the night and planning to wander with them tomorrow. 



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