Feb 13 and 14

Well i feel like an idiot!!I missed my bus because I couldnt find it! It was definitly not in the olace where the lady told me it would be. I was very confused, but Im just going to spend another night in mancora and leave in the morning. 

Also another stupid mistake was getting suuper sunburnt at the beach yesterday. It makes carrying a backpack quite uncomfortable haha. 


This morning I woke up early after a terrible night’s sleep (I stayed at this super terrible hostel – I knew it before I got it but said whatever) and decided to get a bus straight (i have to connect in a town near it) to huaraz. It was expensive-90soles- (especially after trashing 40 soles last night) but after mancora I am pretty over the beach and just want to get back to the mountains! The bus is at 5 though so Ive been chilling in the only shady spot on the beach for a few hours trying to decide the rest of my trip. But then the shade got tiny so I went to get lunch and wifi. 


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