Feb 15

Ahhh peruvian busses are the worst!So I got on my correct bus (at an incorrect location) last night just as it was leaving at 5, although it was a 530 bus. It was soooo hot, especially because I had the front top seat (right in front of the windshield with the sun blaring through)

I dealt with it (and ate lotsnof snacks for the 15 hour bus. In the morning we passed through Casma (the city I was supposed to get off at) without even stopping! So I didnt realize it was actually Casma until my phones google maps started working and i realized the bus passed it. Not feeling like hitchhiking in the barren desert, I stayed on until the next town, then waited around for a car back to Casma to get full. Since it was only 5 soles, I scrunched up in the trunk (it was a station wagon) with another dude and my bag, and then half way through the trip the other people got out, so I got a real seat for the same price. Anyway, I finally got back to Casma an hour ago, and figured out how to get a real bus (not one of the many 30 soles cars that I Would have to wait around forever in a hot car for) for 20 soles. So i have to wait around for 2 hours, but at least i could leave and find a half shady park to chill in. 

So far Peru is my least favorite country for transportation! I had expected it would be poor, but not this random! At most ‘bus stations’ (more like sides of street) there are just guys shouting and running around. Theres never any labled on the buses or where they are parked, and never any ticket checks when you get on. And then theres the cars and vans which are fast when you finally get going, but they usually take at least an hour or 2 of waiting to finally get full to leave. Plus theyre always very cramped, even if you dont have to squeeze into the trunk!

Well now that ive got a bus to Huaraz and getting one down to Lima should be easy, i hope that I am over the worst of my peruvian transportation adventures (more like debacles).

Woohoo! No more confusing situations! I got to Huaraz finally! I feel so much better now that Im secure. I got a nice room in a hotel/hostel and now Im getting dinner before I go have the first actual night’s sleep in a few days. 


One thought on “Feb 15

  1. Stefan Kampe says:

    Erich, I enjoyed reading your blog. Some interesting adventures for sure! it also sounds like you are having fun figuring out how to get around in a not so developed part of the world. How is you Spanish speaking and understanding coming along? Also, do you have any idea how much longer you plan to stay down south – – or will you be moving there on a more permanent basis? I am in Deer Valley now doing some teaching, plan to get to New York/Bedford in early April to get our rental house ready to put on the market. Glad to not read about any injuries or any major illnesses…try to keep it that way. Stay safe and keep writing! Stefan


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