Back in civilization!

I’ve been relaxing in Caraz for a couple days after coming out of the mountains. 
Ill write up my experiences over the last 2 weeks in the next few days but in short, it was an amazing! It was very challenging at many points and so beautiful and fun at most other times.

The challenging parts: 

I hiked about 70 miles (thats a guess) including about 10 very steep passes. 

I got majorly lost once, and got minority lost another time. Both were very frustrating and cost me time and energy. 

A few nights I woke up with a soaked sleeping bag because of hard rain seeping through my tent I guess. Those nights and mornings were terrible. 

I had just enough food for the whole time, but i only had snacks for half way through, so I got pretty hungry. And even when I ate at night i half cooked the lentils because i wanted to eat, so dinner was repetitive and not so tasty. 

Alot of times there was rain and clouds and fog when i got to places that should have had particularly beautiful views, but i couldnt see anything! Besides blocking views, the hail and rain storms i got caught in (often at the top of passes) were brutal and soo uncomfortable.


Thats alot if bad sounding stuff, but it wasnt all so bad, but all challenging.
The awesome stuff:

I found that while almost every pass was very difficult and strenuous, when i got to the top the feeling was so relieving and rewarding that the hike was well worth it!

The few clear views that I had of mountains or lakes, and even of lakes ehen it was suuper foggy, were incredible. Its hard to describe the peace I felt at these moments and places. Essentially I could have stayed there forever if I didnt have to keep moving (and if rain wasnt coming). 

It was really interesting to observe the few indigenous mountain communities and meet some of the people. Once a man and his son came up to me as I was setting up camp (on his land) and asked for a bandaid for the baby’s finger. They then just watched me set up my tent and chatted.

One of my favorite aspects if the trip was the solitude. I was completely alone and reliant on myself. This made for incredible peace, lots of time to think and reflect, and a renewed sense of individualism. 

Just the physical aspect of walking however many miles up and down, I enjoyed the work out and after all the hiking ive been doing for the last 3 mknths i feel like Im in the best physical shape since high school! 
I will upload the rest of my pictures (alot)which are on my camera when i get to a computer. 


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