I got to lima last night after an 8 hour bus ride from Huaraz. When I left the station, I saw hostels everywhere, so i thought it would be fairly easy to find a cheap one. Boy was I wrong! I walked around asking prices for an hour, and realized that they were all hook up hostels which charged by the hour.. Weird that there were soooo many of them but not one normal hostel! I finally found one whic was 50 soles (damn expensive!) and settled for it. Then I went out for a walk and had an interesting experience- I got mugged! Im totally fine though and have everything, i fought the 2 guys off (they ran away after I punched one). It was especially weird because there was plenty of people in the area and it was fairly well lit. I will admit i was kinda spacing out and clearly wandering though- not smart. 
Today I came down to Miraflores, a super gringoy area. But its much nicer than where I was last night despite the touristyness everywhere. Ill spend today and tomorrow exploring here and then head to the airport tomorrow night to fly to new york! 


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